Welcome to the Galactic Wayfarer’s Society, Adventurer!

“Hello and good day! I’m IK-10E, but most of wayfarers simply refer to me as Tenney. As you can clearly observe, I’m the house coordinator for the Galactic Wayfarer’s Society. I’m the custodian of this complex here on Corellia. Our scanners have already confirmed your security clearance. Clearly you’re here either because you’ve been personally recruited, recommended or…ordered to join the ranks of the GWS. Your motives mean nothing to me, but I will assist you however I can during your stay.

_"Be sure to stop in The Commons and introduce yourself – it’s always good to have friends. You’ll also find the Listing Board there which details all available Endeavors for the GWS. If you need equipment, you can review Society resources in the Outfitter. The Hangar houses available vehicles, but don’t forget to fly away without checking out. I’ve already sent your room number and security codes to your datapad. Stay safe and advance the cause!

What is this Campaign?

The Galactic Wayfarer’s Society is living world campaign created by GMMac and played in Fantasy Flight Game’s Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game system. All officially published EotE material is permitted for use. With the recent release of the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beta Book, GMMac has included it in the campaign.

Where is the Campaign located and how frequently is it played?

We play in Wyoming and we play for 6 hours one Saturday per month. I am considering a play-by-post or online game option.

What is The Galactic Wayfarer’s Society?

The Galactic Wayfarer’s Society (or GWS, or the Society) is a freelance organization of some of the galaxy’s bravest and most capable explorers, pilots, bounty hunters and general adventurers. The GWS is appropriately licensed and holds intergalactic credentials for its work (all of its PUBLIC work…) in the galaxy at large. The Society is headed up by Jax Pruitt and, with his deep connections and reputation, is contracted by planetary governments, guilds, paramilitary organizations and individuals to take on a variety of specialized tasks – for which it is handsomely rewarded. The Society refers to these tasks as Endeavors. Endeavors include (but are not limited to) path finding, private investigating, mercenary work, and even bounty hunting.

In order to see these Endeavors through, the GWS employs a near endless and motley crew of adventures called wayfarers. Wayfarers are the everyday workman of the GWS and are often personally recruited by one of the Society’s Journeyman. Aside from the Journeyman, wayfarer’s have no other hierarchy and are free to take on Endeavors as they see fit. Wayfarers are rewarded with a percentage of GWS client fees, as well as prestige among their peers, which allows them to utilize Society resources for their own benefit.

Wayfarers are a rare breed of individuals who are just the right mixture of brave, crazy, and desperate. Though GWS pay is more or less fair, wayfarers don’t usually do what they do simply for the money. Instead, the call of the unexplored galaxy and the chance to seek galactic fortune and fame keep wayfarers doing what they do. They tend to be a rugged group of highly motivated individuals who are gifted in given areas.

When a few wayfarers of the same cloth meet up – wether through random assignment or other means – they often choose to operate together in future Endeavors. Though they may call themselves any number of names, Journeyman are usually overheard talking about impressive “crews.” To make waves as a crew is not just a difficult task – it can also be quite lucrative.

Who are the Players in This Campaign?

Players take on the role of characters who have found themselves in the employ of the GWS. Typically this happens in the automatic form of 5 Obligation for starting characters, but there is a chance that PCs could get involved through other means (especially revolving players).

Thanks for stopping by – enjoy!

The Galactic Wayfarer's Society